Journey to Tomorrowland ’66: One Fan’s Dream by Leroy Howard

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As a big fan of everything to do with Walt Disney World theme parks, I can confidently say that Journey to Tomorrowland 66!: One Fan’s Dream by Leroy Howard would be an exciting read for Disney fans.

This book is a fascinating exploration of the creation, development, and evolution of Tomorrowland in Disney theme parks. It provides a behind-the-scenes look into the design and construction of the iconic attractions such as Space Mountain, Carousel of Progress, and the PeopleMover, as well as lesser-known attractions that have since been retired such as Flight to the Moon.

One of the reasons why Disney fans would be excited to read this book is the in-depth analysis of Walt Disney’s vision for Tomorrowland. Howard provides insights into how Disney’s fascination with technology and futurism influenced the creation of the original Tomorrowland in Disneyland and how that vision was adapted for other Disney theme parks around the world.

Moreover, the book is also packed with anecdotes and fascinating stories about the people behind the creation of these attractions. We get to learn about the designers, engineers and other behind-the-scenes creative geniuses who brought Walt Disney’s vision for Tomorrowland to life.

Finally, this book takes us on a nostalgic trip to the past with pictures, illustrations and insider details about the original version of the attractions. Those who have grown up with these attractions would no doubt enjoy reliving their memories through this book while younger fans would gain a new appreciation for the history and legacy of these rides.

The possibilities for Tomorrowland

The final chapter of is titled “Tomorrow’s Possibilities.” In this chapter, Howard reflects on the future of Tomorrowland and how it might continue to evolve and change over time.

Howard discusses the challenges that Disney faces in updating Tomorrowland for modern audiences while also maintaining the nostalgia and legacy of the original attractions. He believes that the key to success will be finding a balance between preserving the classic elements of Tomorrowland while also incorporating new and exciting technologies and experiences.

The author shares his own ideas and visions for the future of Tomorrowland, including the possibilities of virtual reality, augmented reality and interactive exhibits that could provide visitors with a more immersive and personalized experience.

Howard also reflects on how Walt Disney’s original vision for Tomorrowland represents an optimistic viewpoint of the future, one that emphasizes progress, innovation, and the potential for humanity to create a better world. This philosophy has continued to inspire and influence generations of visitors to Disney theme parks.

In the end, Howard concludes that while the future of Tomorrowland remains uncertain, he is confident that Disney will continue to find new and exciting ways to keep the spirit of innovation alive in this iconic area of the park.

In conclusion, Journey to Tomorrowland 66! would indeed be an exciting read for Disney fans. It is a must-have for anyone who is curious about the history and development of Tomorrowland in Disney theme parks.

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2 thoughts on “Journey to Tomorrowland ’66: One Fan’s Dream by Leroy Howard”

  1. Hey Disney fans! I just finished reading this on kindle and it’s a blast! If you want an in-depth look at the creation and history of Tomorrowland in Disney theme parks, this is the book for you. The author’s passion for Disney is evident on every page, and his behind-the-scenes anecdotes and insights are fascinating. Plus, the illustrations and photos are top-notch, giving you a glimpse into the magic of the original Tomorrowland attractions. I highly recommend it to anyone who loves Disney and wants to learn more about the history of the parks. (who doesn’t?)

  2. This is a fascinating and beautifully written account of the author’s experiences at the 1966 World’s Fair in New York City. As a huge fan of Disney and the history of theme parks, I found this book to be an absolute delight from start to finish.

    The author does an amazing job of painting a vivid picture of the World’s Fair and his experiences there. His passion for the park and its attractions is infectious, and his descriptions of the various exhibits and rides are both detailed and enthusiastic. The book is filled with photographs and illustrations that really help to bring the fair to life.

    But this book is more than just a simple recollection of a visit to a theme park. Howard peppers the book with interesting historical tidbits and reflections on the world around him. He ties his experiences at the fair to broader cultural trends and societal issues, giving the book a depth that is often lacking in similar works.

    Overall, Journey to Tomorrowland ’66 is an absolute joy to read. It’s funny, insightful, and brimming with energy and enthusiasm. If you’re a fan of Disney, theme parks, or just great storytelling, I highly recommend picking up a copy of this book.


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